Being the most stable biometric characteristics, fingerprint authentication can be used to prevent unauthorized physical access to factory, warehouse, office, laboratory, etc. and logical access to ATM machines, computer, network, etc.

Fingerprint authentication has the following advantages over the traditional password, smart card, token, etc, in terms of security and convenience

  • It can't be stolen by others
  • It wouldn't be forgotten
  • It is with the user/owner all the time

Please try Online Demonstration of Fingerprint Verification

Fingerprint authentication is a powerful security tools for E-commerce and any application running on internet. Futronic provides software tools to customers which makes online fingerprint authentication through internet an easy task.

If you have our FS80 USB Fingerprint Scanner installed in your PC, you can click into Online Demo and just follow the instruction. You can create your user ID on our website and register your fingerprint to it. Then you can verify your fingerprint against your created user ID. It simulates a typical E-commerce user verification procedure and you will see that "password" is not necessary anymore!!

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