SDK for MacOS

Futronic MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) Fingerprint Recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) is an excellent tool for users to develop MacOS based fingerprint recognition application software. It works with the Futronic USB fingerprint scanner. With the SDK, you can make use of Futronic proprietary fingerprint recognition algorithm without knowing the details of a purely mathematical process. So fingerprint recognition can be integrated into any application program to REPLACE the users' Logon password by a touch of finger to make your system secure but convenient to users and system administrators

MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) USB driver
The MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) SDK uses standard IO.Framework library to communicate with Futronic USB fingerprint scanner.

Major SDK features
The MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) SDK has exactly the same function as the Futronic Windows SDK. It includes header file that define API, libraries, and sample code for XCode application. The SDK is implemented as Mach-O dynamic-link library (dylib).

The MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) SDK has the following major features:

  • ∎ Capturing fingerprint image from Futronic USB fingerprint scanner.
  • ∎ Extracting fingerprint characteristics(minutiae) from real time captured image and creating a template which can be used:
  • ∎ For registration, the created template will be stored in the database
  • ∎ For authentication, the created template will be matched to pre-stored templates
  • ∎ Matching fingerprint templates(one of the matching templates must be generated from real time captured image) can be done in 1-to-1(identification) or 1-to-many(verification) manner
  • ∎ Recognition accuracy, FAR & FRR, can be adjusted to meet different security requirement.
  • ∎ Support Live Finger Detection(LFD) when using together with FS80, FS82, FS88, FS26.

Standard MacOS(version 10.5 and higher) SDK package includes sample program with source code to illustrate how to use the SDK. Please download the sample program from this page to try.