Finlogon Enterprise Edition (EE)

Finlogon Enterprise Edition(EE) for MS Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 Server

FinLogon Enterprise Edition(EE) is fingerprint authentication software running on MS Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 Server using Futronic proprietary fingerprint recognition technology for total logon management and password control.

It consists of server and client component. Installation is very easy and can be set up and running in 2-3 hours. It has the same user interface as Finlogon Personal Edition. For enterprises that have been using Finlogon Personal Edition, it is very easy to upgrade to Finlogon Enterprise Edition.

It works with Futronic FS80 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner and integrates seamlessly with MS Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 Server Active Directory. All domain users can logon Active Directory with a finger touch at any client workstation. NO more passwords. Make the life of both ordinary computer users and system administrators simpler and easier.

FinLogon EE users can also make use of two free software tools from Futronic, One Touch Password Filler and Fingerprint File Encryption, which come in the FinLogon Add-on pack, to have a more secure and convenient computing environment.

Futronic charges per user license fee for Finlogon Enterprise Edition. That is, enterprises pay according to the exact number of users that are using this software. No setup charge, bundle and additional fee. So this is a very cost effective solution.

  • Features
    • ∎ Support MS Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 Server Active Directory
    • ∎ Logon Active Directory by a finger touch. NO MORE PASSWORD
    • ∎ Prevent unauthorized access to Server/Domain Controller
    • ∎ Fingerprint recognition accuracy: FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
    • ∎ Support MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 professional 32&64 bit at client workstation
    • ∎ Use Active Directory Schema Extension technology
    • ∎ All fingerprint data are stored in Active Directory with 256bit AES encryption
    • ∎ Fingerprint data can be exported and imported
    • ∎ Auto-detect password change in Active Directory
    • ∎ Support fingerprint data auto-replica in multi domain controllers environment
    • ∎ Fingerprint data transmission by TCP/IP
    • ∎ All data transfer is protected by Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm
    • ∎ 4 authentication options:
      • > Either fingerprint or password
      • > Fingerprint only
      • > Password only
      • > Both fingerprint and password
    • ∎ Support return from Standby, Hibernate, Windows Lock and Screen Saver
    • ∎ Support Live Finger Detection(LFD) when use together with Futronic's FS80 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner
  • Benefits for users
    • ∎ No need to memorize password(s) to logon computer/server/domain because their fingers are the passwords which will not be forgotten or lost
    • ∎ Eliminate the headache of frequent changing password because such security policy is no longer necessary
  • Benefits for system administrator
    • ∎ No "user lockup" because of entering wrong password
    • ∎ No more request for "reset password" from users
    • ∎ Better user identity management: know exactly who is logging on
  • Benefit for enterprise
    • ∎ Improve overall system and data security because of the elimination of password-based authentication system
    • ∎ Better overall workforce productivity
    • ∎ Reduce computer network management cost
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