Finlogon Personal Edition (PE)

Finlogon Personal Edition (PE)

Futronic FinLogon Personal Edition (PE) is MS Windows software that can accept fingerprint captured from Futronic USB Fingerprint Scanner, extract its physical characteristics (minutiae) and match with the pre-registered/stored data to control the Windows Logon on any PC. Fingerprint can be used to logon computer and has the following advantages over the traditional username and password logon:

  • - Human fingerprint is unique
  • - It can't be stolen by others
  • - It wouldn't be forgotten
  • - It is with user all the time

This is free software from Futronic. If you already have Futronic USB Fingerprint Scanner, you can get FinLogon PE free from the "Download" box in the right of this page and start to use it now.

FinLogon PE users can also make use of two free software tools from Futronic, One Touch Password Filler and Fingerprint File Encryption, which come in the FinLogon Add-on pack, to have a more secure and convenient computing environment.

  • Features
    • ∎ Fingerprint Logon for MS Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/2012/2016/2019, 32 bit and 64 bit
    • ∎ Fingerprint Logon for MS Windows 7/8/10/11, 32 bit and 64 bit
    • ∎ Support Futronic USB Fingerprint Scanners, FS80FS82 and FS88
    • ∎ Support Domain User logon
    • ∎ Logon Windows by a finger touch. No password. Prevent unauthorized access to computer
    • ∎ Use customized GINA technology on Windows XP
    • ∎ Use the Credential Provider component of Vista/7/8/10
    • ∎ Fingerprint recognition accuracy: FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
    • ∎ Prevent unauthorized access your computer
    • ∎ 4 authentication options:
      • > Either fingerprint or password
      • > Fingerprint only
      • > Password only
      • > Both fingerprint and password
    • ∎ Support return from Standby, Hibernate, Windows Lock and Screen Saver
    • ∎ Auto-detect password change of local computer Windows account user
    • ∎ Fingerprint data are stored in Windows registry with 256bit AES encryption which can be exported and imported
    • ∎ Support Live Finger Detection(LFD) when use together with Futronic USB Fingerprint Scanners FS80, FS82 and FS88
  • Download