FS82HD USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader

Futronic's FS82HD USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader

The Futronic FS82HD Fingerprint Smart Reader combines Futronic's FS80H USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner and ISO7816 smart card reader into one device.

FS82HD has exactly all features of FS80H. So it can be used as purely fingerprint scanner with all Futronic's standard software. The smart card reader in FS82HD can handle any ISO7816 compatible smart card. So that it can also be used as a standalone smart card reader.

Fingerprint scanner and smart card reader can be combined to do two-factor authentication. That is, registered fingerprint can be stored on smart card (carried by user) which is read into PC to match with a freshly captured fingerprint from fingerprint scanner at the time of authentication. This can be achieved by using Futronic's Fingerprint Recognition Software Development Kit(SDK).

  • Specification-general
    • > USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device
    • > With a 2M standard USB cable
    • > Small size, 50 x 73 x 35 mm
    • > Light weight, 180 gram
    • > Operation temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius
  • Specification-Fingerprint scanner
    • > Fingerprint scanning window size is 16x24mm
    • > Image resolution is 320x480 pixel, 500 DPI
    • > Image format is 8 bit 256 grayscale
    • > Raw fingerprint image file size is 150K byte
    • > With Live Finger Detection (LFD) feature
  • Specification-Smart card reader
    • > AB Circle CIC115 Reader Chip
    • > Full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
    • > Supports SLE4418/28/32/42 memory cards
    • > Compliance/Certifications:  ISO7816, PC/SC, EMV 2000 Level1
    • > Support PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection) with 2.343-826kbps in reading and writing smart cards
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