Russian Citizens to use Futronic FS64 Fingerprint Scanner to apply for Schengen Visa at PONY EXPRESS


Russian Citizens use Futronic FS64 Fingerprint Scanner to apply for Schengen Visa at PONY EXPRESS

HONG KONG, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Starting from September 14, 2015, Russian citizens will be obliged to undergo a biometric data collecting process, including fingerprints, in order to obtain Schengen visas. The biometric data will be stored in the Visa Information System (VIS), common to all Schengen Member States. Apart from Russia, the VIS operates to issue visas to citizens of 18 countries, including China, India, Turkey and the CIS countries. Russia leads in the number of Schengen visas obtained by its citizens, with Russians getting about a third of all visas issued by EU countries. That is why European Union representatives have paid particular attention to the technical equipment of visa centers that will issue Schengen visas under the new rules. One of the leaders of visa service industry in Russia and the CIS countries is the Russian company PONY EXPRESS. It has more than 90 visa offices in Russia. 40 of them are already equipped with Futronic FS64 fingerprint scanners. By the end of 2015, there will be 60 such offices.

Natalya Evseenko, Director of PONY EXPRESS Visa Service Department said:

"Today, in Russia, there is a great demand for visa centers, which can provide the collection of biometric data. The problem of visa centers' equipment is particularly acute in the regions of the Russian Federation. In order to provide our customers with a quality service of biometric data collection, PONY EXPRESS has chosen Futronic FS64 fingerprint scanner. This exact model is used in all our visa centers. This scanner is a cost-effective solution. It allows you to get high quality images in a very short period of time. It takes our customers less than a minute to be fingerprinted using this scanner. This equipment meets all safety and technology standards, so we plan to continue equipping our visa centers with such scanners."

"Collecting fingerprint data for visa applications is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The USA started collecting visa applicants' fingerprint data from 2004; after that many other countries follow. The market of fingerprint scanner hardware for this unique purpose is getting bigger and bigger. Futronic Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the companies who can supply high quality and economical fingerprint scanner for this demanding application,"said Y.M. Jiang, Marketing Director of Futronic. "Futronic's products have been used in many government projects around the world. These projects include smart ID cards, electronic passports, Presidential elections and large-scale banking. It is very exciting to work with PONY EXPRESS for this project. Both companies have worked hard together in very short period of time to make it happen. We are very glad to see the successful deployment of our FS64 by PONY EXPRESS in Russia."

National security becomes a major issue for all countries. Their need to identify visitors is so important because more and more people are travelling around the world, today. Using Fingerprints is an easy, reliable and effective solution for such identification. Therefore, it can be expected that more countries will follow the same way the US and European countries in collecting their visitors' fingerprint data.

PONY EXPRESS ( is the largest international logistics provider in Russia and the CIS countries, and a member of one of Russia's largest diversified industrial groups -- Basic Element. The company provides a full range of services, including processing and delivery of mail and cargo consignments, secure storage and warehousing. It has the widest regional logistics network in Russia, consisting of 60 branches and 128 regional representative offices, as well as subdivisions in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Armenia. PONY EXPRESS is actively developing its visa services. The company has a network of visa centers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus.

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俄罗斯国民用Futronic FS64指纹扫瞄器申请申根公约国签证

香港2015年11月11日电 /美通社/ -- 由2015年9月14日起俄罗斯国民申请往欧洲申根公约国签证必需提供个人指纹资料。这一系统名为 Visa Information System (VIS)签证资讯系统,是欧洲申根公约国所共同使用的一个旅客个人资料及签证数据统一资料库。VIS系统已在美国、非洲及独联体国家使用,今年稍后也会开始在中国、印度、土耳其等18国家开始使用。个人的指纹数据采集后会被存放在 VIS 系统中五年,已被采集指纹的访客如在五年内再访申根公约国将不需再次被采集指纹。每年俄罗斯国民占申根公约国签证申请大约三分一,所以欧盟对在签证中心所用的仪器有十分严格要求。PONY EXPRESS 是一家在俄罗斯接受申根公约国签证申请的代理公司,目前在全国已有90家中心,其中40家已安装了 Futronic FS64 指纹扫瞄器,在2015年年底前会再加开60间。

据PONY EXPRESS签证服务总裁 Natalia Evseenko 透露:

“目前在俄罗斯提供生物识别数据采集的签证申请中心需求很大,对所用的仪器要求很高,我们选择香港纹证科技的 FS64 指纹扫描器在我们所有的签证中心使用,因为该公司的产品提供很好的性能、价格合理、产品质量优性、指纹图像清晰、扫描速度快。我们对此产品十分满意,整个指纹扫描过程可在少于一分钟内完成,而且符合所有安全及技术要求。我们未来所有签证中都会使用这一款产品。”

采集到访旅客的指纹在世界上已越趋普遍,美国在2004年起便开始向到访美国的旅客采集指纹,之后多个国家亦陆续跟随。“我们看到应用这种指纹扫瞄器的市场将会很大。这是一种独特的应用,而 Futronic 纹证科技是一家能提供这种技术的公司。”Futronic 纹证科技市场总裁 Y.M. Jiang 提出,“我们的产品已用在很多国家级的项目上,这些项目包括智能身分证、电子护照、总统选举及大型银行服务等。这次我们十分荣幸能跟PONY EXPRESS在此项目上合作。在两家公司技术人员共同努力下, 用很短时间将项目完成,成功地将 FS64 安装在俄罗斯所有PONY EXPRESS签证中心使用。”


PONY EXPRESS( 是俄罗斯及独联体国家内最大的一家国际性物流服务公司, 属于罗斯最大工业集团  Basic Element 的一员,提供全方位的物流服务,包括物流处理、邮件送递、货物交运、安全储存及仓库业务等。在俄罗斯佣有60家分行及128代理辨事处,在哈萨克斯坦、乌克兰及亚美尼亚设有分支机构,在俄罗斯、哈萨克斯坦、乌克兰及白俄罗斯设有签证申请中心。

Futronic Technology Co. Ltd. 纹证科技有限公司是一家设计及生専业指纹扫瞄器软件及硬件的公司,产品应用在各种保安及身份管理系统中,自行研究的指纹算法也用在不同的门禁系统、电脑及网络登入、身份认证及电子商贸产品中使用。如要进一步了解,请访问