Clean and Disinfect a Futronic Fingerprint Reader

Futronic recommend the following procedures to clean and disinfect the fingerprint scanner.


Spray or wipe with tissue, paper towel or cloth dampened with cleaning agent in order to clean the glass scanning window.

Use common household disinfectant to spay or wet the glass scanning window or outer body shell. Allow the surface to dry naturally as the glass scanning window and outer body shell will not be affected or damaged by these normal cleaning and disinfectant.


Using disinfectants, such as 1:99 diluted bleach solutions, anti-microbial sprays and wipes, on Futronic fingerprint scanners will not harm the scanner window because it is made of crown glass. However, the housing of the reader is made of plastic, which may be damaged if strong solvents, acids or caustic solutions are used.

Never pour any liquid directly on the scanner especially the glass scanning window. It is recommend using paper towel or cloth with detergent, soap or alcohol and squeeze out any excess liquid before clean the scanner.

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How to Clean and Disinfect a Futronic Fingerprint Reader